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Can you help us with our latest project?
The topic…
  • Experiences of researching and booking travel within people aged 55+
The who…
  • People aged 55+ from all over the UK - We’re interested in hearing from people who are comfortable Vs uncomfortable using online methods for booking /researching travel.

    If you know of someone who you think would fit the criteria and they are not able to apply directly, we encourage you to apply on their behalf and we will follow up with you for more information.
The what and the when…
  • Subject to the group that you fall into you will be asked to take part in one of the below;
    • GROUP 1: 30-minute telephone interview (22nd – 28th January in the afternoon/evening)
    • GROUP 2: A 3-day online community with written based activities and a minimum of 30 minutes engagement per day (1st – 3rd February inclusive)
The thank you…
  • Telephone interview: £25 e-Gift Voucher paid on completion of your session.
  • Online Community:  £50 e-Gift Voucher paid on completion of the set tasks.
    • Gift vouchers are sent directly via email within 2-3 week of completion, redeemable with Amazon/many other leading retailers.
The how…
  • Complete the online application and if you’re initially eligible, we’ll give you a call!
  • Do you know anyone that might be interested in taking part in this project? For every friend that you refer that successfully takes part in this project, we will give you a £10 eGift card redeemable with Amazon and hundreds of other retailers. Make sure they mention you! 
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