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Ikea Winter LAH 2020_South East & East Anglia (AF3178)


Topic & Objective

IKEA want to speak to real households for their exciting research on 'Life at Home' across the UK.
  • They are keen to explore the things you love about your home, how your home is used, how it makes you feel, and the things that frustrate you and that you perhaps wish you could change.
  • The insight gathered from this important research helps IKEA keep in tune with their local market, to enable them to make better decisions on store layout and marketing.
Who is IKEA looking for?
  • Males & females aged 18+ living in the South East of England and East Anglia.
    • Specifically, we’re looking for people living in or close to; Norwich, Reading, Milton Keynes and Southampton.
  • Renters or homeowners.
The what, when & thank you…
Depending on your answers, you will be asked to take part in ONE of the following options:

Option 1
  • WHAT: A 2-week individual online blog – approx. 15 mins participation per day.  This will involve answering questions and taking photos/videos on your home and household.
  • WHEN: Taking place Monday 13th Jan – Sunday 26th January 2020 inclusive
  • THANK YOU: You will receive £100 eGift card, redeemable with Amazon and hundreds of other retailers, paid within 2-3 weeks max. of completion.
Option 2
  • WHAT: A 90 minute in home session with up to 3/4 IKEA staff to learn about your life at home.  This will involve up to 3 friendly IKEA team members visiting you to chat about and round your home.
  • WHEN: Taking place w/c 27th January or potentially w/c 3rd February 2020
  • THANK YOU: A £70 bank transfer, eGift Card or cheque, paid within 2-3 weeks max. of your completed session.
How do I get involved?
  • All you have to do is complete the online application questions by clicking 'NEXT' below! 
  • If you meet the requirements, we’ll give you a call in the following weeks to discuss further and hopefully book you in!
  • IKEA have different requirements each round to make sure they are representing different people from their local market, so if you don't qualify this time, please don't worry - we may be able to include you next time!
Click ‘next’ to start!

The Angelfish Team