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AF3139_Viewing Habits & Behaviours


Can you help us with our latest project?

The topic…
Discussing your viewing habits and behaviours on behalf of a major entertainment company! 

The who…
Males and females aged 21-65 across the UK 

The what...
  • An exciting 12-month online community.
  • A typical month might look as follows but can and will vary from time to time: 
    • Completing 3 x online activities  
    • Completing a diary task for a week 
    • Starting and / or contributing to discussion threads  
  • You will be in a community of about 30 other people such as yourself and it’s important you are fully engaged and contribute your thoughts, views and experiences.
  • Please note, photo and video upload will be required.   
The when...
Starting the w/c 4th November 

The where
Online – you will need access to high speed broadband  
The thank you…
£25 per month based on full completion of monthly tasks 
  • This is paid as an eGift card redeemable with Amazon & hundreds of other retailers the following month. 
  • There is also the opportunity to win an additional £25 bonus per month, of which you have roughly a 1 in 6 chance! 

The how…
Complete the online application and if you’re initially eligible, we’ll give you a call! Click ‘next’ to start!

Do you know anyone that might be interested in taking part in this project? For every friend that you refer that successfully takes part in this project, we will give you a £10 eGift card redeemable with Amazon and hundreds of other retailers. Make sure they mention you!